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Silver Spring Networks Selected for AEP’s gridSMART Projects

Silver Spring Networks has been selected by American Electric Power for the utility’s smart grid programs at its operating companies, Indiana Michigan Power and AEP Ohio. Silver Spring Networks is providing its IP-based technology, which creates an end-to-end, secure and intelligent platform for the Smart Grid.

Part of AEP’s overall gridSMART initiative, both projects enable multiple Smart Grid applications over a unified network, including distribution automation, home area networking and advanced metering. Through gridSMART, AEP will upgrade its existing energy infrastructure using Smart Grid technologies and consumer programs. This transition will empower consumers, reduce operational costs and enable new technologies, such as smart appliances, home automation, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and the integration of renewable energy assets like wind and solar power onto the grid.

Indiana Michigan Power initiated its Smart Meter pilot project in South Bend, Indiana in late 2008. The initial success of that project led AEP Ohio to select Silver Spring Networks for the expansion of its AEP Ohio gridSMART Demonstration Project in northeast central Ohio. AEP’s goal is to network 5 million homes and businesses throughout its service territory by 2015.

Silver Spring Networks’ open, IP standards-based network technology allows AEP to use an ecosystem of smart grid technology companies to revolutionize the creation, distribution and consumption of energy. GE Energy will provide the smart meters and grid management software. Other companies include S&C Electric and Cooper Power Systems which will provide distribution automation equipment to improve grid reliability and efficiency.

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