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Silver Spring Networks Enhances Customer Engagement Platform

Silver Spring Networks has announced a new version of its CustomerIQ customer engagement platform, enhancing utilities’ ability to empower and connect with their residential, small and medium business, and commercial and industrial customers. CustomerIQ 3.0 enables utilities to deliver actionable energy usage information to customers with multiple metered locations, supports the growing Green Button application ecosystem, expands international capabilities, enables an optimized mobile experience, and provides a consumer feedback module for improved products and services.

CustomerIQ provides a connection to consumers as utilities deploy the Silver Spring Smart Energy Platform to modernize their power grids. Advanced consumer engagement tools deliver proven reductions in peak energy consumption and improvements in overall consumer satisfaction. CustomerIQ enables utilities to customize the user experience with dynamic rate plan information, time-of-use insights, and other details that enhance their customer demand-side programs. CustomerIQ also enables utilities to offer these benefits to customers on legacy meter-reading systems.

The CustomerIQ 3.0 customer engagement platform update includes several important enhancements:

  • Multiple Account Support: enables an integrated, unified view across multiple smart energy services, users, and meters (e.g., multiple locations of a franchise business or electric vehicle vs. rest-of-house metering).
  • Turnkey Solution for Green Button Initiatives: allows utility customers to export and download energy usage data and securely share it across Green Button-enabled applications for greater insight into usage patterns and opportunities for increased energy efficiency.
  • Enhanced Mobile Experience: delivers an optimized mobile browser experience enabling users to view their energy information any time, anywhere.
  • Expanded Internationalization Support: enables localized content such as metric system, time and date formatting, billing period, and language support for international markets.
  • Improved Customer Feedback Module: supports real-time comment collection from end users for continued platform and customer service enhancements.
  • Enhanced Analytics: provides utilities greater insights into portal usage, report tracking, and email effectiveness to ensure consumer engagement campaign success.

CustomerIQ 3.0 will be available next month.

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