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Silver Spring Networks Deploys Smart Meter Network at Westario Power

Silver Spring Networks has successfully deployed a smart meter network pilot project for Westario Power Inc, Kincardine, Ontario, Canada. This project was initiated as part of the Ontario Utilities Smart Metering (OUSM) Working Group's smart metering evaluations. The goal of Ontario's "smart meter" initiative is to advance energy conservation in Ontario by offering value-added services such as demand response, peak pricing, interval data collection and load management. This will empower utility customers to manage their usage more efficiently and to allow utilities to deliver reliable services more economically.

Silver Spring Networks' products and technologies enable the creation of a multipurpose network infrastructure for electric, water and gas utilities that can automate costly and time-consuming utility processes, reduce energy costs and improve distribution system reliability. Silver Spring Networks' solution builds a scalable, reliable infrastructure from the substation to the customer premise. This two-way, IP-based, multi-purpose network infrastructure, known as the last mile utility network, makes it possible for a utility to control and monitor the entire distribution network.

Working with Rodan Energy & Metering Solutions for installation services and GE Energy for advanced meters, Silver Spring Networks designed, implemented and installed an AMI solution for Westario Power Services. The implementation at Westario includes the network infrastructure, full function, Time of Use and Load Profile meters from GE, as well as network and information management software. The system is delivering two channels of 15-minute interval data, full security logs and rich current TOU/register reads from every meter, every day.

"From the OUSM Working Group perspective," stated James Douglas the OUSM facilitator and president of util-assist, "we are pleased that Silver Spring Networks was able to have the system operational at Westario in such a short timeframe. Having Silver Spring Networks involved as an AMR provider in the Ontario market provides the Ontario Distribution Companies insight into another viable AMR data collection solution."

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