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Silver Spring Networks and EMC to Deliver Smart Grid Analytics Solution for Utility Industry

Silver Spring Networks and EMC Corp. announced an expanded relationship to provide a smart grid analytics solution for the utility industry. This solution will empower utilities with advanced insights from the data generated from the millions of devices on the smart grid and across the utility enterprise.

Utilities are facing a big data challenge in which massive amounts of data are being generated but with limited tools to derive value from it. With the new analytics solution, data from across the utility enterprise, ranging from grid operations to customer information systems, will be combined and correlated to improve grid reliability, reduce operational cost and enhance customer management. The solution will leverage the EMC Greenplum Unified Analytics Platform to build the Silver Spring analytics engine to deliver a secure and standards-based interface supporting Silver Spring, utility and third party application development. Together, Silver Spring and a team of EMC data scientists are creating purpose-built algorithms capable of analyzing smart grid data to make it actionable and valuable to utilities and their customers. This solution will be available to all utilities, regardless of their smart grid networking technology, MDM solution or other legacy systems.

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