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Signiant Launches Industry-Standard Content Supply Chain Management Solutions

Signiant Inc. has launched three new products that extend its industry-standard suite of content supply chain management solutions to enable entry-level customers to easily upgrade and integrate with the full supply-chain management solution.

Content Transporter, Content Point and the Content Transfer Engine will allow organizations of any size to exchange content quickly, securely and cost-effectively. Each solution is a starting point for content management workflows, allowing seamless integration with all Signiant tools - including the flagship Content Distribution Management software - and the opportunity to expand workflows as clients' businesses develop and grow.

The new products are based on Signiant's widely deployed Content Distribution Management software solutions. They provide fast, secure and reliable file movement and are easy to use entry points for organizations moving from tape to file-based workflows or from FTP transfers.

  • Content Transporter is aimed at enterprises with 5 to 15 nodes to connect both internal sites and external partners and facilitate simple collaboration and content exchange. The system effectively creates a managed network with automated movement, ensuring that all transfers are centrally managed, monitored, reported, and accelerated. Content Transporter is ideally suited for use during the production, capture or creation of content where multiple sites need to exchange data quickly, securely and reliably with tight business deadlines.
  • Content Point provides a single node to manage point-to-point file movement. It is ideal for single location companies that need to connect to Signiant-enabled partners and other external organizations, and can be used for tasks such as supplying digital dailies, collaborative content creation, editorial review and language translation.
  • The Content Transfer Engine is an embedded transport technology for web-based applications. It works transparently with both internally-built and third party applications, and provides a content portal to provide fast, secure and reliable movement of large files over the WAN, regardless of file size or location. It is designed for developers to embed Signiant into an application, enabling end-users to exchange files without installing a Signiant Agent.
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