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Sierra Pacific Power Upgrading Automation Program

Advanced Control Systems has delivered several Connex 30 substation automation upgrade systems to Sierra Pacific Power. ACS delivered the systems as part of a multi-year contract that Sierra Pacific Power recently awarded to ACS following a competitive market evaluation. Sierra Pacific Power, the electric utility that serves most of northern Nevada and the Lake Tahoe area of California, plans to roll out ACS Connex 30 substation managers for all obsolete and new substation RTUs.

Sierra Pacific Power personnel use the ACS Connex Explorer configuration software to precisely replicate the original substation database and minimize master system changes. Installation engineers leverage installed I/O points to effectively upgrade each legacy substation RTU in just a few hours. ACS incorporates data concentrator functionality in the Connex 30 to support substation IED integration.

Over the past five years, ACS has delivered more than 300 upgrade systems for RTUs from Systems Northwest/Hathaway, L&N, L&G TeleGyr, Moore Systems, Harris, ILEX, QEI, and Ferranti. Leading investor-owned utilities that have deployed ACS upgrade solutions include, among others, Detroit Edison, Nova Scotia Power, El Paso Electric, Oklahoma Gas & Electric, NSTAR, Nevada Power, and Sierra Pacific Power.

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