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Siemens PTI Adds New Consulting Focus

Siemens Power Transmission & Distribution, Inc., Power Technologies International (Siemens PTI) has announced its new Energy Market Business Solutions (EMBS) consulting practice. Siemens PTI has aggregated its on-going offerings of independent network and market consulting services to guide market participants through the increasingly competitive world of electricity markets and transmission constraints. Siemens PTI's EMBS practice provides market-related advisory services that consider transmission network capability and reliability and the local market structure. Such advisory services include: Technical and economic risk assessment for new or upgrade projects and refurbishments; development of outage and equipment maintenance strategies based on price impacts; probabilistic congestion analysis; financial impact of the regulatory environment; and technical and economic assessment of interconnection opportunities.

Siemens PTI has long been distinguished for its transmission network analyses capabilities and, more recently, for its staff and experience in market development and assessment capabilities. The EMBS organization recognizes that these two disciplines cannot be thought of as having separate goals, and indeed a coordinated approach is required to achieve a project's optimum market performance against risks. A unique aspect of the work performed by this new practice is the use of a fully detailed transmission network model and the reliability capabilities of PSSE coupled with a detailed economic model to simulate the market environment.

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