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Siemens Provides Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative with Advanced Meter Data Management System

Siemens Energy, Inc. has been selected by Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative to deliver eMeter Corporation's EnergyIP meter data management system (MDMS) software and Energy Engage consumer Web portal for its smart grid project. Siemens is the global sales and delivery channel for EnergyIP and also manages installation, configuration and first-line support.

During the initial definition stage of its Sustainable Grid strategy, Bluebonnet, which provides electricity to 14 central Texas counties, determined that Siemens Energy's utility industry experience and smart grid expertise were critical for this project. Bluebonnet recognized its investment in an advanced meter data management system that provides long-term value because of EnergyIP's open, flexible integration platform that will enable future Smart Grid applications.

Bluebonnet envisions that the existing and future capability of the meter data management system will enable advanced Smart Grid features, such as time-of-use billing, electric system diagnostics and alerts, remote meter connect/disconnect, pre-pay billing, demand response and a two-way, real-time interface between members and the cooperative via Web and/or in-home displays. Siemens Energy will provide application configuration and system integration necessary to bring all of the smart grid functionality to life.

Siemens understands the complete energy conversion chain and is able to transform today's grid into a living infrastructure that is smart enough to respond quickly, flexibly and comprehensively to society's energy needs. Siemens also incorporates solutions for commercial and industrial applications as well as smart homes, including building automation, IT systems integration, advanced lighting technology and energy efficient appliances for a comprehensive Smart Grid solution.

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