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Siemens to Modernize, Automate Parts of Turkey’s Distribution Network

In the wake of the deregulation of the energy market in Turkey, Siemens Energy has been awarded an order by the Turkish Electricity Distribution Corp. (TEDAS) to modernize and automate the distribution networks of the Konya and Ankara regions. Siemens is installing a control center with a SCADA/DMS system for controlling and monitoring each of the two distribution networks. Commissioning is planned for February 2010. The Konya and Ankara regions are the first two of a total of 20 network regions of the Turkish network operator that are to be equipped in stages with network control centers.

"On the strength of a precise analysis of the network operator’s requirements and of local factors, market situation and infrastructure, we have developed a tailored network automation solution, based on our engineering expertise and experience, which we are implementing rapidly,” said Ralf Christian, CEO of the Power Distribution Division in the Siemens Energy Sector.

The turnkey automation solution for the two control centers is based on a standard SCADA/DMS for the monitoring, visualization and control of the power distribution network. The Unix-based software of the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and distribution management system (DMS) subsystems is of modular structure, and has a distributed system architecture that allows modifications and adaptations to be made at a later time.

All system, network, RTU and operator data are administered centrally. For the remote control and monitoring of the switchgear, Siemens is installing a telecontrol system with 268 remote terminal units (RTU) that are connected to the master system control center via a UHF-based communication system. Siemens is also delivering the complete protection technology for the two distribution networks, which will involve the installation of about 1600 protective relays in each network. Finally, the order also includes comprehensive training of the network operator’s technical personnel.

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