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Siemens and PJM Announce Public Release of Shared Architecture Integration Platform

Siemens Energy and PJM Interconnection have released the Spectrum Power Shared Architecture (SA) integration platform and its components, including XML messages, Web services description and application program interfaces. SA is a product-based, secure integration platform for technologically diverse energy, market and distribution management systems. This new architecture is a foundation to enable the development of Smart Grid solutions.

The Shared Architecture is designed around the industry-standard common information model and common market extensions, a model-driven information enterprise service bus, and integrates standardized business service components. All are deployed in a service-oriented architecture and Web services framework. SA is being deployed on PJM's Advanced Control Center system, where it integrates various business service components, including those within its energy management system and market management system.

The platform also provides other essential system services such as activation orchestration, hardware and application monitoring, naming service, context and state management, and supporting services for other common integration design patterns.

The platform provides choices for customers in their technology plans and strategic roadmaps. Elements of complex EMS/MMS/DMS systems may be enhanced or replaced without disturbing the underlying standards-based system foundation. This feature will then result in decreasing system transitional risks and costs of modernization. This approach fosters component competition and invites broader-based innovation throughout the energy industry.

Shared Architecture is the result of a joint investment by Siemens and PJM. The application programming interface for the SA is now available in the public domain on a free-to-use basis. The software binaries may be licensed through Siemens.

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