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Siemens and eMeter to Provide Meter Data Management to Silicon Valley Power

Siemens Energy, Inc. and Silicon Valley Power (SVP), located in Santa Clara, California, have entered into a contract for eMeter Corp.'s EnergyIP meter data management system (MDMS) software for its Meter Connect program as part of its overall Smart Grid project. Siemens is the global sales channel for EnergyIP sales and also manages installation, configuration and first line support. SVP chose Siemens and eMeter as strategic partners to provide the foundational solution to manage the increased amount of data collected by advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) under its Meter Connect program.

As SVP rolls out its AMI solution over the coming years, EnergyIP will serve as the foundation for its Smart Grid vision and support the maturing needs of the growing project. The meter data management system will support SVP's goals to deliver greater operational efficiency, revenue protection, customer service and environmental and social benefits, as well as improve customer satisfaction with City SVP utility-related services. The system also will enhance utility power system engineering and operations by providing greater access to system data.

In order to achieve these goals, SVP is developing the essential architecture today to support the real-time processing of meter reads, coupled with the future ability to track and manage new technology devices in the home, such as home area networks (HAN), smart thermostats and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. EnergyIP integrates these Smart Grid options to allow SVP to provide maximum consumer choice now and in the future.

Silicon Valley Power (SVP) is a municipal utility with 51,000 electric and 27,000 water meters. SVP's Meter Connect program will serve all 51,000 residential and commercial customers of SVP.

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