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Siemens and eMeter Partner in the Meter Data Management Sector

Siemens Energy and eMeter Corp. of San Mateo, California, have established a strategic partnership to market the Energy IP management software for processing meter data. Siemens will be implementing the eMeter software at energy retailers and distribution network operators, using its global sales structure.

Energy IP enables meter data management solutions to be realized and interfaced to existing information systems of power suppliers and network operators. These solutions are implemented in collaboration with suppliers of remote-readable meters and IT system integrators. Siemens will provide the project and support services as required.

The strengths of Energy IP include an open software architecture and proven scalability as well as comprehensive meter data management functions. In addition, the software manages collation of meter data from different sources, preparation of meter data for various functions (e.g. billing) and the management of data download to meters. The software also includes an integration platform in which remote-readable meters from various manufacturers can be linked to the information systems of the power utilities. This allows Energy IP to be used to process meter data in future Smart Grid projects.

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