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Sensus Installs Canadian Smart Metering Network

Sensus Metering Systems has installed the FlexNet with AMDS Connect Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system for Cambridge and North Dumfries Hydro Inc. (CNDHI) in Ontario with the cooperation of their Canadian Distributor, KTI Limited.

CNDHI will be piloting the FlexNet system as part of its involvement with the Ontario Utilities Smart Metering (OUSM) Working Group.

The FlexNet with AMDS Connect system enables CNDHI to collect hourly interval and time-of-use metering data on electricity consumption from residential and commercial customers across their service territory. CNDHI will also be testing the two-way features of the FlexNet system by installing remote disconnect, remote load shedding and advanced in-home display devices.

“Our first concern was finding a system that was truly capable of collecting hourly interval data from our residential customers. We were also looking for a system that could support both our urban and rural customers with a simple system architecture, and that is easily expandable to cover water and potentially gas meters in the future. We believe that the FlexNet system delivers on all of these requirements without issue. We are also intrigued by the comprehensive Conservation and Demand Management (CDM) tools built into the FlexNet network.” said Michael Knox, director, Customer Information Services and Conservation for CNDHI.

The system consists of the Sensus solid-state iCon meter integrated with AMDS Connect (FlexNet) transceivers, the AMDS fixed network infrastructure and system software.

Because the FlexNet system is a tower-based AMR network with extraordinary range, reliance on additional infrastructure, such as numerous collection points is avoided. The system has a simple, single-tier design - from meter to tower, substantially reducing infrastructure cost. Furthermore, AMDS provides a services agreement that handles, which releases the utility from having to allocate manpower and resources to maintain the network.

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