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Sensus Achieves Achilles Security Certification

The Sensus FlexNet 2.2 Advanced Metering Infrastructure communications system has achieved the smartgGrid industry’s first Achilles security certification, the internationally recognized cyber-security accreditation from Wurldtech Security Technologies.

The testing validates that an end-to-end FlexNet AMI system, comprising 10 components and all intercomponent communication, demonstrates a strong security architecture in addition to proving its overall resilience against intrusion or other security breaches. Components tested and certified include the Regional Network Interface (RNI) headend, Tower Gateway Basestation (TGB) relays, field tools, endpoints and the information streams between the software and hardware components.

The FlexNet network adheres to open standards and communicates via a primary use, FCC-licensed spectrum. During the six month certification process, the technology underwent a battery of rigorous tests to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities.

Sensus is also pursuing the Achilles practices certification, which validates that a vendor employs a specific set of security best practices for all processes related to the development and implementation of its products.

Developed in 2007 after more than two years of research, the Wurldtech Achilles certification program is a rigorous security and robustness testing program designed to provide industrial automation stakeholders a security benchmark for people, processes and technologies. The Achilles certification testing methodology is already adopted in mission critical industries including oil, nuclear energy and aerospace engineering.

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