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Security Risk Auditor Gives Visibility Into Security Risks

RedSeal Systems Inc. has unveiled its Security Risk Auditor (SRA) software, which provides instant security audits to help determine an organization's overall security posture. RedSeal SRA software further extends the company's security risk management product line. It offers a view of an organization's IT security posture by pinpointing areas of exposure and device misconfiguration, then prioritizing remediation actions to ensure best use of resources.

Network complexity and the need for insight into security risks spans all organizations. Smaller enterprises may not have the resources, budget and mature security operations processes to implement a large-scale solution. Research from Gartner Inc. shows that 60% of large enterprises without best practice risk management implemented consistently across the enterprise will significantly underperform their peers. Larger enterprises can't afford to take that risk.

Designed for enterprises of all sizes, RedSeal's SRA enables security and IT administrators to self-assess their security investments and ensure that they are leveraging existing technologies to the fullest. Based on RedSeal's Security Risk Manager (SRM) technology, the SRA software makes it easy for all organizations to assess security risk.

RedSeal's SRA software measures security and business risk, pinpoints threats and exposures, and gives users actionable information for improving the security posture of the network. Based on an open framework, RedSeal's SRA is designed for heterogeneous networks, working with the security in place regardless of vendor or technology type. With RedSeal SRA software, organizations can reduce the cost of ongoing security and network management and increase the skills sets of current resources, while easing their compliance burden.

Leading information security consulting company Vigilar is using RedSeal's SRA software to audit customers' networks during its consulting engagements.

"In our consulting practice, we help our clients improve their overall security posture by reducing risk and mitigating threats against their IT infrastructure," said Dave Shackleford, chief technology officer for Vigilar. "RedSeal's SRA software is an easy-to-use, on-demand auditing solution that allows us to identify areas of exposure within the enterprise and focus our resources on correcting the most critical vulnerabilities first."

Designed for a single user, RedSeal's SRA software can be used on a limited scale as required or for security assessment projects.

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