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SDG&E Selects CapGemini to Implement Smart Meter Solution

San Diego Gas & Electric has selected CapGemini to provide implementation and integration services for its Smart Meter project in a program recently approved by the California Public Utilities Commission. SDG&E serves approximately 3.4 million consumers through 1.4 million electric meters and 900,000 gas meters in Southern California.

On June 7, 2007, a CPUC Energy Division Resolution approved contracts that “would establish a system capable of collecting and storing data from the meters on an hourly basis [and] lays the foundation for implementation of time-varying rates, including time-of-use and critical peak pricing.”
Under a 3.5-year contract to complete in the spring of 2011, SDG&E selected Capgemini to provide overall program management, system integration and deployment operations management services for its smart meter project.

Smart metering is a two-way network that collects consumer energy consumption information. Through real-time visibility to customer demand and outages, the network enables consumers and the utility to reduce energy demand and improve utility services. The network automates meter reading and provides real-time price signals and information, facilitating better management of energy usage. Smart metering also enhances utility grid operations and outage management.

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