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Scottish Power Chooses Radius for Distribution Automation

ScottishPower EnergyNetworks has chosen Radius as supplier of its distribution automation system to help it meet its regulatory targets. ScottishPower EnergyNetworks is the service provider to ScottishPower, a major electric utility in the UK covering 35,200 km2, with 5.2 million customers.

The distribution automation and network telecontrol system, which will cover the entire SP EnergyNetworks geographical distribution network, will become one of the world’s largest systems.

Radius, a manufacturer of remote control solutions, will provide the entire infrastructure, including the digital data radio communication system, the automation hardware and solutions, and interface to the SP EnergyNetworks current SCADA system.

SP EnergyNetworks is regulated in the UK by Ofgem (a UK government office) and is required to meet specific targets concerning the supply quality of its electricity.

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