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SCANA Delivers CheckFree-Powered Electronic Billing & Payment to Millions in Southeast

All SCANA Energy, SCE&G and PSNC Energy residential customers can now receive and pay their utility bills online. SCANA's customers can also turn off paper bills, view their bills online, and schedule payments using their designated bank or brokerage accounts. SCANA serves more than 1.4 million residential gas and electric utility consumers across North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

SCANA customers can view and pay their energy bills using the CheckFree distribution network of more than 1700 banks, portals, brokerage firms and credit unions or at www.mycheckfree.com. By enrolling at one of these sites, SCANA customers can receive and pay electronic bills from hundreds of national and regional companies, including telephone and wireless providers, mortgage, insurance, credit cards and department stores. They can also schedule payments to anyone to whom they would write a check, including small businesses and individuals.

SCE&G, PSNC Energy and SCANA Energy customers also have the choice of viewing and paying bills at their respective websites, where they can take advantage of other online services offered by SCANA, including energy usage and conservation tips and meter reading instructions and tracking tables. Additionally, CheckFree provides SCANA customers with the ability to conveniently and securely pay their utility bills in person at various retail locations across the three states SCANA serves.

Electronic billing and payment services provide all SCANA Energy, SCE&G and PSNC Energy customers with an easy, efficient way to gain more control over the payment of their monthly bills. Customers can quickly retrieve and review the same billing information online as they currently receive by mail. With just a few clicks of the mouse, the customer can schedule the payment date and ensure prompt arrival before the payment's due date, rather than trying to remember when the payment needs to be mailed. Additionally, SCANA customers will no longer have to spend time writing checks, manually recording the payments, stuffing envelopes and locating stamps to pay their utility bills.

The 2005 Identity Fraud Survey Report from Javelin Strategy & Research states that using online banking and bill payment services, and replacing paper bills with electronic bills, are two of the best things consumers can do to protect themselves from identity fraud. Additionally, unlike with paper payments, customers who pay bills electronically through CheckFree are protected by the CheckFree Guarantee against late fees resulting from processing delays and minimized liability for unauthorized transactions.

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