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SCADA Cyber Security Product Offers Data Encryption and Authentication

Elecsys Corp. has released the zONeGUARD, the most recent addition to the company's SCADA telemetry product line. As cyber security requirements expand for the industrial data systems used within the nation's critical infrastructure, the Elecsys zONeGUARD provides a security solution for industrial communication networks that ensures both data encryption and authentication.

The zONeGUARD system consists of a single host device combined with multiple remote devices. The zONeGUARD host device is simple to interface with both current and legacy data acquisition systems via a wide area or local area network and may be used with existing virtual private networks (VPNs). The zONeGUARD remote devices allow users to cost-effectively extend cutting-edge cyber security capabilities to their current field equipment without the need to replace extensive populations of existing equipment. In addition, zONeGUARD's unique intrusion detection system (IDS) provides operators with a powerful and concise method of detecting and reporting attempted system intrusions.

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