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S&C Enhances Security of Smart Grid Controls With McAfee

S&C Electric Co. has announced an agreement to bundle application control software from McAfee into S&C's PC-based control platforms. This bundling will allow S&C to enhance the security and protection of its control platforms that use commercial, off-the-shelf operating systems.

"Cybersecurity is a concern in the deployment of smart grid technology," says Rohit Khera, S&C Cyber Security Architect. "By integrating advanced security features like those provided by McAfee, S&C is helping to address one of the hurdles to deploying a modern smart grid."

McAfee Application Control software features application control and change control technology to ensure that only trusted applications run on devices after they are deployed at an enterprise or remote location. The solution prevents unauthorized changes to the control device and issues alerts in the event of unwanted change attempts. This combination of features protects devices from zero-day attacks, reduces in-field breakage, eliminates the patching cycles typical of other security approaches and keeps devices compliant with security standards.

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