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S&C Electric and Silver Spring Networks Announce Smart Grid Interoperability

S&C Electric Co and Silver Spring Networks have announced successful completion of Phase 1 interoperability testing of S&C’s IntelliTEAM II Automatic Restoration System with Silver Spring’s Smart Energy Network. It marks a milestone toward a unified Smart Grid network supporting reliable, secure distribution automation, SCADA, advanced metering infrastructure, and other intelligent applications. Testing will now focus on validation of high-frequency SCADA polling and interaction of DA and AMI traffic.

Silver Spring’s Smart Energy Network meets the critical requirements of a network supporting SCADA: It is secure, fault-tolerant, high-availability, and compatible with industry-standard protocols. This high-density mesh network delivers ample bandwidth, low latency, and ubiquitous coverage for DA, AMI, and other Smart Grid applications. Leveraging a common network infrastructure lowers both the capital and operational costs of implementing wide-scale DA. Smart Energy Network also provides DA traffic prioritization, easy deployment and maintenance, and centralized network management.

IntelliTEAM II is a self-healing, scalable, distributed-intelligence-based fault isolation and reconfiguration system that supports any source and feeder configuration and can be applied with intelligent electronic devices from nearly every manufacturer. It automatically restores power to unfaulted line segments in seconds without overloading any section of the system and can handle multiple fault contingencies without custom programming, extensive validation, or testing.

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