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Sanmina and Primus Power To Produce Grid-Scale Electrical Energy Storage Systems

Sanmina and Primus Power To Produce Grid-Scale Electrical Energy Storage Systems

Sanmina Corporation and Primus Power have announced a manufacturing agreement focused on the growing energy storage market.  Sanmina is an integrated manufacturing solutions company. Primus Power has developed the EnergyPod, a safe, low-cost, distributed energy storage system that bolsters the stability and security of the electric grid, while offering power density, reliability and portability. As part of the agreement, Sanmina will assemble and test EnergyPods at its Silicon Valley manufacturing facilities.

Sanmina provides a broad range of solutions for companies in the energy markets, including solar, wind, oil and gas, fuel cell, LED lighting and battery systems. The company's eight Silicon Valley facilities provide end-to-end solutions including high technology PCB design and fabrication, enclosures, precision machining, new product introduction, system assembly and test. Products launched in one of Sanmina's gateway facilities can be built and distributed from any of Sanmina's manufacturing facilities, located in every major region worldwide.

The manufacturing agreement is a key element of Primus Power's global operations strategy. The company's first customers will start receiving EnergyPods in the coming months. They include municipal and investor-owned utilities, as well as microgrids at military bases.

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