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San Isabel Electric Association Chooses GIS & Mobile Viewer

San Isabel Electric Association in Colorado has chosen Milsoft GIS and Mobile Map Viewer for engineering and operations.

“We will use the Milsoft GIS to update and maintain the detailed electric circuit model that we need for the best possible planning and operations,” said San Isabel Manager of Engineering Services Fred Sola. “We especially value Milsoft’s willingness to integrate fully with our other applications like CIS and Staking.”

Milsoft GIS software is used by some 150 electric utilities and consulting firms for electric utility mapping and asset data management. The powerful, yet easy-to-use software incorporates a detailed electric network circuit model and is fully integrated with ESRI GIS tools. The Mobile Viewer allows remote map viewing and data entry. Milsoft GIS provides the data capture, management and display capabilities that a utility needs to maximize the benefits of using GIS.

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