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Sacramento Municipal Utility District Orders 550,000 Solid-State Electric Meters

Itron Inc. has received an order through its distributor General Pacific, Inc, to provide the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) with 550,000 solid-state electric meters. SMUD plans to use Itron’s Mobile Automatic Meter Reading (MAMR) technology to automate its system over the next three years.

SMUD, the nation's sixth largest community-owned electric utility in terms of customers served, has nearly 600,000 meters. The utility is a long-time Itron customer and already uses Itron’s PremierPlus 4 meter reading system, G5R handheld computers and Itron Mobile Collectors. The utility has already deployed more than 75,000 Itron meters and will add additional Mobile Collectors as needed.

Itron’s AMR technology enables utilities to collect data from electric, natural gas and water meters automatically via radio signal. As a result, utilities are able to read meters efficiently and accurately, while eliminating the need for meter readers to access the customers’ properties every month.

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