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Sacramento Municipal Utility District Enacts Smart Energy Pilot

Allure Energy, Inc. has announced a smart energy pilot with the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD).

The Allure Home Energy Management System is fully automated and privacy-protected. Featuring Allure Energy’s Patented Proximity Control Technology, the system works with an iPhone app, called Allure Mobile, that senses how far you are from home and adjusts your temperature accordingly. When you leave in the morning, the system automatically adjusts the temperature, so you don’t waste energy while you’re away. Likewise, it senses when you’re on your way back, returning the temperature to your perfect degree of cozy.

The user’s privacy is protected by the mobile app as the location of the user never leaves the smartphone. Allure Mobile calculates the new set point based on a distance and sends the new set point to the user’s home. Thus the user’s location and personal data remain on the phone.

“SMUD seeks technologies that can provide maximum benefit to our customer-owners while providing community benefit,” says SMUD Project Manager Amber Steeves. “Reduced energy use has significant financial benefit for SMUD and environmental benefit for our community. Environmental stewardship is a core value of SMUD and we are here to provide energy solutions for our customers that should help them better manage their electricity usage and their bill without sacrificing comfort,” said Steeves.

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