Sacramento Municipal Utility District Enacting Demand Side Management

Ecology Action has been chosen by Sacramento Municipal Utility District to administer its Complete Energy Solutions (CES) program. The SMUD program, which will offer incentives and rebates to its business customers, provides a commercial "one-stop-shop" demand side management program that will deliver comprehensive energy efficiency for small and mid-sized business customers with up to 499 kW in demand.

The energy efficiency solutions offered by the CES program will focus in the areas of low cost/no cost conservation, demand/time-of-use management, lighting, refrigeration, HVAC, controls (ADR-capable controls where applicable) and commercially available emerging technologies. The program provides free energy use assessments to businesses in order to determine ways they can reduce their energy consumption and save money.

"Complete Energy Solutions is designed to take into account the building as a system and uses an innovative whole-building approach that makes a building perform better by cutting energy use," said Anson Battershell, CES Program Manager for SMUD. "Energy-efficiency improvements increase comfort and value, provide better indoor air quality, lower energy bills and deliver community benefits by enabling SMUD to reach long-term energy efficiency goals and reduce peak demand," said Battershell.


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