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Sacramento Municipal Utility District Deploying Itron Meter Data Management

Sacramento Municipal Utility District has chosen Itron Enterprise Edition (IEE) Meter Data Management (MDM). The solution will support an increasingly complex set of business and functional requirements for the utility’s current and planned metering programs.

IEE MDM meets the District’s key requirements for meter data collection, meter data management, and data distribution including advanced validation, estimation, and editing requirements, and billing determinants calculations. Implementing IEE MDM prior to the District’s planned AMI rollout sets the foundation for the District to expand its use of time-based rates, and foster new demand response, load management and energy efficiency programs.

IEE MDM will be used to create a single repository for all meter data collection and data management going forward. This will reduce the cost and time to gather and reconcile meter data from multiple collection systems, while also streamlining IT infrastructure and improving data security.

A provider of electricity service to nearly 600,000 customers, the District expects to complete IEE MDM implementation prior to September 2009, coinciding with its deployment of AMI beginning in November of 2009.

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