RWE npower Selects Smart Meter Platform

Trilliant has been selected by RWE npower to supply pre-DCC Foundation smart meter services, including the Trilliant Communications Hubs and UnitySuite Head-End Software (HES). Trilliant has already begun working on delivering its smart meter solutions to RWE npower for a rollout beginning this year.  The deal will make Trilliant the largest provider of in-home smart energy communications solutions in the UK.

With over 500,000 homes in the UK already connected to Trilliant's UnitySuite Head-End, RWE npower will be able to use Trilliant's knowledge of smart meter deployments to leverage the current solution for deployment this year. The UnitySuite HES, part of the Trilliant Communications Platform, is able to manage all of the demands of a compliant smart meter system by managing the devices and communications across the whole smart meter fleet.  UnitySuite is a powerful tool as the architecture is based on open standards, and supports the UK smart metering technical specifications, which can adapt to market demands.

Trilliant is also supplying its Communications Hub to RWE npower, which has already been proven to operate in the field in volume.  This means that customers can start taking advantage of smart meter services, with minimum inconvenience.  Combined, the Trilliant Platform offers a secure, compliant and scalable solution for RWE npower's needs.

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