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RTUs Support Real-Time Data Acquisition, Control of TVA Power System

ICx Technologies, Inc. has been issued a blanket $3 million contract from the Tennessee Valley Authority, the largest public power company in the United States, for remote terminal units. TVA has selected the Callisto Edge from ICx as a small RTU to deploy throughout its supervisory control and data acquisition system.

Edge is the latest generation in SCADA RTU technology. Designed as a technologically advanced yet cost-effective solution, Edge remote modules will help increase power system visibility for the Tennessee Valley Authority. The equipment will support real-time data acquisition and control of the TVA power system as well as operational and non-operational power system data. Edge modules will be deployed in substation and pole-mount environments throughout the TVA system to help meet the need for increased data concerning system efficiency and effectiveness.

“Our Edge remote terminal units provide an economical option for increased power system data monitoring,” said David Green, general manager of ICx Control Systems, a business unit of ICx Technologies.

The Callisto product suite includes an array of SCADA modules that perform complex control and monitoring functions, powerful stand-alone remotes that combine the capabilities of multiple modules and application-specific solutions that directly address the needs of today's electric utilities.

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