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Rice Lake Utilities Launches on Doxo for Billing

Rice Lake Utilities in Wisconsin has launched on doxo to deliver its customers added convenience to pay bills and manage their accounts. doxo provides a free digital file cabinet where users can receive bills and other documents from Rice Lake Utilities or any other connected service provider. Users can organize account information and make payments directly from their doxo account online or via the doxo mobile app.

Rice Lake Utilities customers can connect on doxo by going to or by downloading the doxo iPhone or Android app.

“doxo is a new, innovative way for our customers to interact with us, by providing tools that make it easy and convenient for them,” said Kristi Nelson, manager at Rice Lake Utilities. “For example, more than 30% of our customers on doxo have turned on auto-pay with limits, simplifying their payment process and ensuring they never have late fees.”

Every time a customer connects to Rice Lake Utilities on doxo, paper mail is turned off and bills and account documents are automatically delivered directly to their free doxo digital file cabinet, accessed online or via the doxo Mobile app. Documents can be printed or downloaded at any time, and backed up to a user’s personal Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box account. Further, with doxoPAY, customers can quickly pay bills or set up auto-pay with user-specified limits.

“Rice Lake Utilities is off to a great start on doxo. We’re particularly pleased to see their customers adopt innovative payment features like auto-pay with limits through doxoPay, which on average result in bills being paid in less than 15 days,” said Roger Parks, co-founder and vice president of customer success at doxo. “doxo also eliminates the unnecessary cost and waste of sending traditional paper bills. It’s an ROI that’s unmatched by any other ebill or paperless approach.”

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