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RheinEnergie Completes Pilot Project with 30,000 Smart Meters for Cologne

SAP AG and RheinEnergie, the energy provider for Cologne, Germany, have reached a major milestone right on schedule in helping Cologne become a "smart city." Through the installation of smart meters, around 30,000 households in Cologne now benefit from the most modern meter technology available.

Advanced metering infrastructure integration technology allows customers to keep an eye on their current and previous energy consumption at all times. The transparency helps them better control their consumption, use energy more efficiently, protect the environment and save money.

RheinEnergie has installed around 30,000 smart meters in 350 larger apartment buildings in Cologne. The devices record electricity, gas and water data, and were specially designed to meet the requirements of RheinEnergie and its home city. They are an important building block for the future "SmartCity Cologne" and enable high data security. SAP AMI Integration for Utilities software helps ensure a reliable networking of technical and commercial processes. As a result, RheinEnergie can now better react to the needs of its customers and offer special services and rates.

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