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Replication Product Enables Data Movement in Mixed Database

Sybase, Inc. has announced the general availability of Sybase Replication Server 15, a data movement product that synchronizes operational data across mixed database environments in near real time. Using Sybase Replication Server 15, users can integrate, consolidate and migrate data securely in one physical site or across multiple geographic locations.

Also available is Sybase Replication Server Oracle Option 12.6, which provides log-based data replication capability for customers using Oracle databases. This option enables organizations to replicate data directly from online logs, bypassing interference with the primary Oracle database.

"In implementing our data replication environment, the ability to rapidly move data across multiple platforms was a critical success factor," said Joe Buhl, database administrator, Wire One Communications. "This new version of Sybase Replication Server enables us to more accurately, predictably and reliably manage our high-performance distributed database and replication environments while adhering to security standards."

Analysts agree that customers are seeking scalable solutions that are easy to use.

"In 2006, the demand for database management tools in the areas of archiving, security, migration, backup and replication will continue to increase as enterprises look for comprehensive and automated solutions to support growing requirements," states Noel Yuhanna, senior analyst at Forrester Research, in the January 2006 report Trends 2006: Database Management Tools.

Sybase Replication Server 15 enables Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) customers to make full use of the features introduced in Sybase ASE 15, including computed columns, data partitioning, long identifiers, new data types, encrypted columns and Master DB replication logins and roles. Sybase ASE is Sybase's high-performance OLTP database.

Sybase Replication Server 15 is also the only replication product supported by a data modeling tool. Using Sybase PowerDesigner, Sybase Replication Server 15 provides a model-driven approach to data replication, development and maintenance. This enables companies to simplify implementation and management of high-performance data replication environments. Gartner Dataquest recognized Sybase PowerDesigner as the worldwide market share leader in application development database design software for 2004 based on new license revenue, reaching 33.7% of market share.

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