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Remote Electric Meter Disconnect/Reconnect Incorporates Network Radios

Cellnet Technology, Inc. has announced a new remote electric meter disconnect/reconnect solution that incorporates Cellnet's UtiliNet network radios for communication.

Developed with Cellnet partner Carina Technology, the solution will be available in the fourth quarter of 2006. Cellnet and Carina teamed to incorporate UtiliNet radio technology in the collar-based device, and Cellnet is expanding its host software capabilities to deliver a complete solution for its AMI and SCADA customers.

Cellnet UtiliNet radios are currently deployed in networks supporting distribution automation, SCADA, and AMI applications at more than 200 utilities across the United States and Canada. The UtiliNet collar is designed to leverage this installed communications infrastructure while also supporting electromechanical and solid-state electric meters at most residential premises.

According to research conducted by Chartwell in 2005, over 50% of electric utilities are either presently using or are considering deploying remote disconnect/reconnect solutions to help lower costs and improve customer service, particularly for seasonally occupied and hard to access customers.

Cellnet continues to offer the BLP X-Pulse remote disconnect/reconnect solution announced in 2005.

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