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Reliant Energy Launches Energywise Website

Helping Texans better understand and manage their energy use is the drive behind energywise, a new section on Reliant Energy’s website. The site features information for all consumers on energy efficiency, smart energy products, smart grid technology and the company’s efforts to support a clean energy future.

“Whether they are a Reliant customer or not, our energywise site provides the tools and information to help Texans manage their energy use,” said Bill Clayton, Reliant’s vice president of customer care. “We offer a range of plans and services as well as innovative energy solutions. It’s just one more reason why you can rely on Reliant.”

Highlights of the website include:

  • A Save Energy section with tips and information on creating a more energy efficient home.
  • A section on Smart Energy products at home, which explains how customers can manage their electricity use.
  • Reliant’s Weekly Summary Email, a valuable tool for customers with smart meters that provides new insights into electricity usage.
  • In-depth information on the Smart Grid explaining the technology and benefits of the digital electric grid.
  • Reliant’s energywise Newsletter, a monthly email communicating energy efficiency tips, sources of alternative energy and smart energy tools as well as how our customers can benefit.
  • A section on the Green Efforts of Reliant and its parent company, NRG Energy, including conservation initiatives, the development of alternative energy sources and plans to establish Houston and Texas as leaders in electric vehicles.
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