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Public Utility District #1 of Benton County Chooses MeterSense

Public Utility District #1 of Benton County in Washington has chosen MeterSense, Harris Utilities SmartWorks’ meter data management (MDM) solution. Benton PUD views MeterSense MDM as being the foundational enterprise application that will enable it to synergize its past and future customer engagement initiatives.

MeterSense is an advanced meter data management solution that transforms raw smart meter data into valuable business intelligence and enables utilities to improve business processes and enhance customer service. It offers analytics, reporting tools and functionality to enable business process improvements. The latest version of MeterSense can be scaled to serve as many as one million customers, yet can be implemented in modules to serve the discrete needs of utilities of any size.

Located in Kennewick, Washington, Benton PUD delivers electricity to approximately 50,000 customers. Benton PUD chose MeterSense to allow the District to leverage the interval data collected by the advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system. MeterSense offers a complex validation, estimation and editing (VEE) function that transforms the large amounts of interval data into valuable business intelligence for Benton PUD. With this information, Benton PUD will use MeterSense to provide customers with precise usage information. The web-based user interface can be easily accessed by Benton PUD employees to enable accurate and efficient customer service, system planning, troubleshooting and analysis.

Additionally, Benton PUD plans to leverage MeterSense to provide customers with information via a customer web-portal, offer prepay options, and provide better Outage Management through integration with Benton’s existing OMS. 

Benton PUD plans to go live with MeterSense in June 2014.

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