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PRWT Services and Morgan Technologies Partner to Offer Bill Payment Program

PRWT Services, Inc. and Morgan Technologies have formed a partnership designed to offer utility providers and commercial companies a cost-effective, online paperless bill presentment and payment solution tailored for multi-account commercial, industrial and government customers.

The UtilityPayOK solution delivers value to utility providers and customers alike by simplifying meter to payment reconciliation and reducing summary bill administration costs. Under the terms of the partnership, PRWT’s Business Process Solutions (BPS) will market Morgan’s patent-pending technology to public and private electric, gas and water providers and large Commercial, Industrial and Government (CI&G) utility customers in each of the regions PRWT serves.

PRWT’s BPS division offers the delivery of customer care solutions and business processing centers for municipal, transportation, healthcare and corporate services. PRWT has operated its minority-owned domestic-based business since 1988 and has been a leading provider of high volume/high performance business process services to a full range of commercial and government clients throughout the United States. The company has extensive experience in developing and managing low cost labor operations in different parts of the country.

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