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Proximetry and EDX Wireless Partner to Combine Network Planning and Operations

Proximetry and EDX Wireless have joined forces to improve smart grid network performance with a solution beginning at the planning and design stage, and spanning through deployment and operations. The unified solution integrates EDX's design and planning tools with Proximetry's AirSync performance management software to produce accurate, dynamic inputs that allow tuning of RF propagation models, active provisioning of valid wireless links to isolated or remote devices, identification of network bottlenecks, superior discovery of geographically lost devices, and better optimization of network channel selections.

The performance challenges and operational demands presented by today's smart grid wireless networks require an integrated approach to their design, deployment, optimization, and management.

The cohesive planning process coupled with integrated network management capabilities developed between EDX and Proximetry can configure a smart meter network and distribution automation network to function seamlessly and meet the utility's goals for reliability, performance, redundancy and scalability even as more devices are added over time.

The partnership between EDX Wireless and Proximetry will enable more efficient and economical network scaling and management, as well as improved network reliability and performance.

Proximetry's policy-based network management system, AirSync, captures the real-world RF and network data that EDX SignalPro processes to design and optimize new and expanded networks with increased reliability, redundancy and performance.

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