Program Manages All DSM Business Processes

Nexant has announced a significant expansion of its iEnergy platform and applications suite that provide utilities with a comprehensive solution for managing all DSM business processes as well as launching and managing an entire portfolio of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and demand side management (DSM) programs.

Utility executives and managers responsible for DSM portfolios are increasingly challenged by the need to meet compliance requirements, manage complex operations cost-effectively, and ensure customer satisfaction. They struggle to meet these challenges, continuing to manage programs using outdated tools such as spreadsheets and customized or CRM-based systems that do not fully automate the entire DSM business process.

To address this situation, Nexant has been actively deploying Nexant iEnergy to utilities across North America, providing them with a powerful platform that includes:

  • iEnergy DSM Central (formerly TrakSmart) provides an end-to end DSM business process management platform for improved visibility, management, and control in a single, secure, system of record.
  • iEnergy Trade Ally streamlines collaboration between utility customers, trade allies and utility program managers, enabling the entire energy efficiency and DSM community to work together effectively through an intuitive online portal.
  • iEnergy Home engages consumers to take action on energy conservation and participate in utility DSM programs through demand management, equipment replacement and behavior modification.
  • iEnergy Demand Response enables utility program and operations teams to reliably and securely manage a full range of DR initiatives, including program design, enrollment and operations; event management and forecasting; performance and resource management.
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