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Pricing Program Allows Users to Deploy Telemetry Devices on a Pay-Per-Use Plan

Nighthawk Systems, Inc. is unveiling its Pay Per Ping pricing program in Tampa, Florida, at DistribuTECH 2006 this week. Pay Per Ping gives Nighthawk customers the option to deploy telemetry devices on a wireless network on a pay per use plan. Pay Per Ping customers will pay no fixed rate recurring subscriber fees for devices activated through Nighthawk Systems. Pay Per Ping is only available for use with Nighthawk telemetry devices.

Electric utilities have historically had the desire to place large quantities of telemetry devices into the field for remote power connect/disconnect and load control, but often could not attain an adequate return on investment if a commercial carrier was involved because of fixed monthly recurring charges for each unit in the field. Now, with Pay Per Ping from Nighthawk, utilities will only incur a charge if a telemetry device is contacted. The effective price per unit for wireless access through Nighthawk Systems can now be pennies per month.

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