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PPL Electric Utilities Installs ACS' Smart Grid Program

Advanced Control Systems, Inc. has successfully installed the first phase of its distribution reliability smart grid program for PPL Electric Utilities. ACS completed installation at PPL of the first network portions of a self-healing smart grid automation program that ACS has branded FASTapps.

FASTapps is an open substation platform that supports innovative smart grid real-time feeder and substation automation applications. These applications provide the utility industry its first network model-based self healing electric grid solutions for distributed applications.PPL is working to increase the reliability of its feeders through the application of ACS smart grid technology. FASTapps incorporates an adaptive, model-based approach designed to detect feeder faults resulting in outages to provide isolation and automatic restoration of un-faulted feeder sections. ACS Smart Grid solutions feature:
  • Reliability through ‘self healing’ networks incorporating fault detection, isolation and restoration.
  • Power quality applying loss minimization to improve power factor.
  • Distribution grid efficiency with distribution network load balancing.
  • Economics through applications such as Volt Var control to minimize voltage on the feeder network.

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