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PowerOneData Collaborates with Bharat Connect for AMI and BPL Rollout

PowerOneData International has announced its collaboration with Bharat Connect Ltd. to co-develop a smart meter that incorporates broadband over powerline capability into its hardware architecture. The companies intend to co-brand and co-market the product along with PowerOneData International's highly innovative Cloud computing-based Meter Data Management software suite globally to electric utilities.

PowerOneData International, Inc. specializes in advanced metering solutions. The electricity supply business has changed, and the demand for electricity has outpaced the supply, resulting in power shortages, wholesale price volatility, transmission congestion and reduced reliability. Today's energy market is more complex and competitive than ever before, and utilities need more business-critical information than conventional metering and billing systems have traditionally provided. Designed to meet the needs of domestic and commercial energy consumers, PowerOneData International has created the Genii System. The Genii System incorporates state-of-the-art hardware and its proprietary Genii software to create advanced meter data management system.

Bharat Connect Ltd entered the expanding Internet Access Services market. Apart from various forms of Internet Access (Dialup, ISDN, Leased Lines etc.) Bharat Connect also caters to a number of value-added, end to end solutions like e-mail, Web designing and Hosting, E-Commerce & Web Strategy consulting in addition to Audio and video streaming facilities.

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