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Power Utilities Select Asentinel for Telecom Expense Management

Two of the country’s largest power utilities have selected Asentinel’s software, Asentinel 5.0, for telecom expense management (TEM) and total cost management (TTCM), David C. Perdue, Asentinel CEO, announced.

The corporations, one a leader in the Northeast United States and the other in the Midwest, have both chosen to manage the entire TEM lifecycle through the Asentinel 5.0 software application. The companies have a combined customer base of close to 4 million nationally.

Asentinel 5.0 will solve a key problem facing both companies: the growing cost of wireless, especially when it comes to managing the number of devices and mobility services used within each corporation. Asentinel 5.0 will solve this problem by linking to both corporations' HR systems, meaning that any change in employment status resulting in a need to terminate a telecom asset will automatically be flagged by the application. This will eliminate spending time and money on employees and/or assets that are no longer with the company.

Another strong benefit to both energy companies is Asentinel 5.0’s ability to streamline and automate all of the TEM processes, leading to more efficient day-to-day tasks.

“These firms are major players in the energy industry, so telecom plays a vital role in being able to pass savings on to customers,” said Perdue. “Asentinel will ensure that both firms’ telecom expenses are expertly managed, that their assets are controlled, and networks and services such as wireline, wireless, voice and data equipment are optimized. The smart management of TEM by these firms will benefit their customers in the end.”

Both corporations chose to implement the Asentinel application rather than outsource TEM to a third-party.

“More and more major corporations are realizing the power of an in-house solution,” said Perdue. “No one knows a company like the people who run it, so why relinquish control to an outsider? Asentinel gives its customers complete TEM business intelligence, which allows for optimum forecasting and, ultimately, a better bottom line.”

The Asentinel application will support both power utilities throughout the entire TEM lifecycle, from invoice receipt, validation and allocation, provisioning and change management to business intelligence through real-time web reporting.

Asentinel offers a comprehensive telecom expense management software package that integrates with the client’s existing system. Written in Java, the software automates the process of telecom invoice management in real time, analyzing every invoice against vendor contracts, hidden costs, active inventory and flagging every exception. Since these errors often recur each month and can go back for years, getting an expedient return on investment from Asentinel is not difficult. In the long-term, clients’ ongoing telecom expenses also decline while internal processing time is reduced.

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