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Philippines Company Implements Harris Management Platform for Multi-Protocol Telecom Network

The National Transmission Corporation (TransCo), the Philippines' only wholesale electrical power transmission supplier, has implemented the Harris NetBoss network management platform to provide centralized support of its nationwide telecommunications network. NetBoss provides fully integrated network and service management, allowing TransCo to manage its entire communications network using one centralized platform, thus reducing operating expenditures and increasing internal productivity. TransCo also purchased the NetBoss Build.IT module, which allows it to quickly and easily develop its own interfaces as the network grows.

"We have had great success with the Harris domain management system, so it was a natural step to evaluate NetBoss for our network-wide management application," said Jose Nuesca, department head of SCADA and Telecoms for TransCo. "After a comprehensive competitive bidding process, it was clear that the ability of NetBoss to manage any kind of device from any manufacturer made it the best possible solution."

TransCo is one of two government-owned power suppliers for the Philippines, maintaining a large telecommunications network to manage its nationwide power supply. The NetBoss network management platform enables TransCo to constantly monitor the status of the overall network and its individual components, regardless of vendor or protocol, provide root cause analysis and pinpoint the most significant faults in the system with precise accuracy through a graphical display. This level of visibility dramatically reduces the need for costly site visits and time consuming equipment troubleshooting. Additionally, Harris and TransCo developed a specific solution to address TransCo's unique requirements and provided training to staff on the use of NetBoss.

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