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PG&E Selects Home Area Network Device Validation Testing Provider

Devices work with PG&E SmartMeters to gather electricity use information.

National Technical Systems, Inc. has been selected by Pacific Gas & Electric as the first provider of validation testing of ZigBee Home Area Network (HAN) devices for use with PG&E SmartMeters. NTS is now performing validation testing for PG&E at the NTS Advanced Technology division located in Culver City, California.

PG&E SmartMeters contain a radio for use in home and business area networking which, when activated by PG&E customers, can make electricity usage information available to compatible HAN devices. These HAN devices show how much electricity is being used in real-time to help consumers make educated choices in their energy use.

Based on a PG&E-developed test procedure, NTS is testing HAN devices, which are based on the ZigBee networking standard, to verify that they can correctly communicate with the PG&E SmartMeter. Testing is performed using actual PG&E SmartMeters installed in the NTS Advanced Technology facility specifically for this purpose. HAN devices that successfully complete the testing will be listed on the PG&E website.


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