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PG&E Selects Aclara to Provide Smart Meter Data Access

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) has chosen Aclara Software to provide its customers with access to data being generated by smart meters. The selection supports PG&E’s ambitious Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) initiative, under which PG&E has stated its intentions to deploy nine million smart meters to its electric and gas customers.

The Aclara Software application will launch this spring and will enable customers to access daily and, in the case of electric customers, hourly, views of their energy data over the Internet. In addition, customers will be provided with a range of tools to help leverage the information. For example, they will be able to view an estimate of their energy bill every day on a month-to-date basis. Furthermore, they will be able to compare rate plans to determine whether they might be better off on a time-based rate based on their usage patterns.

“This can be as simple as overlaying weather data on usage so that customers better understand the impact of weather on their energy use, or proactively using alerts to notify customers when they have passed pre-defined thresholds, allowing them to adjust behavior to get bills in line," said Martin Flusberg, president of Aclara Software Inc.

PG&E customers already can use Aclara Software solutions to access billing histories, analyze bills, and create personalized energy-efficiency strategies. Tens of thousands of PG&E customers currently make use of these applications on a monthly basis.

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