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PG&E Renews Contract with World Wide Technology for Wireless Infrastructure

World Wide Technology, Inc. has renewed its contract to provide Cisco Systems products and services to Pacific Gas & Electric Co. Last year, PG&E entrusted WWT to help build-out a secure wireless infrastructure for the large utility provider as it consolidated many of its 71 field offices into resource management centers, improving the company’s operating process efficiencies.

“We are pleased to provide PG&E with the wireless tools, technology and support they need to speed delivery of services for new business customers,” said Joe Koenig, president for World Wide Technology. “Moreover, our contract with PG&E as its Cisco value-added reseller has enhanced WWT’s utility expertise in the commercial market and is the cornerstone for WWT’s expanding growth in the Bay area.”

PG&E is now leveraging wireless technology at its new RMCs and is in the planning stages of implementing it throughout the rest of the corporate infrastructure to provide increased flexibility and productivity for employees. The company also relied on WWT to implement a major IP telephony solution. World Wide worked closely with PG&E to scope, design and configure Cisco equipment to address the needs of four planned RMCs.

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