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Pepco Energy Streamlines Retail Contract Pricing, Execution with Excelergy HedgeDirect

Pepco Energy Services (PES) has deployed Excelergy HedgeDirect for the pricing, execution, and management of its retail C&I customers. The new system is fully integrated with Excelergy’s Revenue Manager billing system to increase the automation associated with the processes ranging from contract pricing through customer care and billing.

“As we continue to build and grow our retail supply business, we wanted more speed and flexibility in creating retail contracts,” said John Huffman, PES president and chief operating officer. “We also wanted to integrate our contract pricing operations with our billing operations to streamline our back office and provide the highest possible billing accuracy. HedgeDirect allowed us to automate the process of entering parameters from an executed contract into our billing system, which helps support our key business controls.”

PES has been billing customers using Excelergy RevenueManager on a hosted platform since 2001 and continues to do so. When PES decided to enter new Texas electric markets, it chose to deploy the RevenueManager application in-house. With Excelergy’s assistance, PES installed and configured RevenueManager to begin customer enrollments and invoicing all within one quarter.

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