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PacifiCorp Upgrades Contact Center with Graham Technology

Graham Technology is working with U.S. energy provider PacifiCorp to upgrade the company’s customer service platform.

PacifiCorp is one of the Western United States’ leading utilities, serving more than 1.7 million customers in six western states. A long-term customer of Graham Technology, the energy firm has already upgraded its business process platform to the latest version, laying in place the foundations for a move towards a multi-channel customer service environment.

Nancy Kent, PacifiCorp managing director, applications and corporate security, said, "The added capabilities that have been provided to us by the new platform lay the foundation for PacifiCorp to further enhance our customer service by centralizing interactions across multiple channels such as Web and IVR, in addition to telephony."

The work is taking place as PacifiCorp undertakes a revamp of its customer service operations, with new computer telephony, call routing, and IVR systems being deployed. The upgraded process platform from Graham Technology will be fully integrated with the new systems, while still maintaining the full complement of CRM capabilities it has always delivered, including customer interaction management, workflow management, meter reading, change of tenancy, connections and billing processes.

The first phase of work has already been delivered with the upgrade to the existing process platform. This will be followed by additional integration phases when the new telephony and IVR systems are installed. Further integration of additional channels, including Web self-service, is planned for 2008.

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