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Pacific Gas and Electric Debuts New Design for Web Site

To better serve our customers who are increasingly using the internet to manage their specific energy needs, Pacific Gas and Electric Co. (PG&E) has recently created a fresh, new look for its Web site, http://www.pge.com/. The new design will make it easier for our customers to navigate the Web site and find the specific information they need to make timely and relevant energy use decisions.

The new site is designed to provide residential and business customers with a more efficient browsing experience by grouping the information they need most into the areas of the site where they would most expect to find it. By creating a customer segmented entry point, the new site is designed to give customers quicker access to key information about their specific business or residential accounts. With more visibility into PG&E's industry leading customer programs, like ClimateSmart, solar incentives and energy efficiency rebate offerings, the new site provides PG&E customers with an improved tool to access the information they need.

"World class communications tools are essential to responding to and supporting our customers," says Helen Burt, senior vice president and chief customer officer for PG&E. "The new pge.com design will enhance our customers' experience by providing easier access to information, so that they can better manage their energy needs."

PG&E offers a wealth of beneficial information to customers through its Web site, and it constantly strives to find new ways to make the customer experience at http://www.pge.com/ even better. PG&E conducted extensive research and expert analysis on the new design, asking a broad cross-section of its customers to test the new site to ensure it provides improved usability and appeal.

Customer friendly features include the "My Account" section where customers can securely view their bill and bill history, make payments and schedule service requests. Other features help customers calculate their carbon footprint, prepare for winter storms and lower bills through programs like our 10/20 Winter Gas Savings program.

In 2007, an industry survey ranked http://www.pge.com/ the top utility Web site in the United States and Canada. The "E Source 2007 Review of North American Electric and Gas Company Web Sites" evaluated 111 utility Web sites from a customer's perspective. The survey rated 27 different tasks and functions that were identified by customers as those they most liked to see on a utility's Web site. Web sites were then given a score, based on a number of factors, including ease of use, functionality and how well it serves customers.

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