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Outsourcing Software Supports Mid-Sized Utility Companies

Capgemini has introduced its SmartTrack business process outsourcing solution to provide mid-size enterprises with industry-leading customer care, meter-to-cash, and back-office business services.

SmartTrack is scaleable to meet the needs of mid-size utilities, companies with 500,000 to 1.5 million meters, and can be deployed rapidly — in six to nine months.

SmartTrack enters the utility industry in a time of significant change. Driven by deregulation, consolidation and increased competition, this change is requiring companies to dramatically transform their technology and business process strategies and services. While all utility companies are facing these challenges, the pressures are especially intense for mid-size enterprises.

Without the advantages of size, scale and geographic reach that larger utilities enjoy and with limited access to capital and other scarce resources, mid-size utilities must be diligent in choosing the right path to transformation — a business process outsourcing solution that delivers immediate and long-term productivity improvements through automation and process standardization.

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